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The Intersection New York project is at the forefront of the Smart City Revolution, harnessing award-winning technology to transform digital communications and advertising content, including Link, the world’s largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network. Intersection is the meeting point between the digital and the physical world, enhancing users’ intercity journeys and helping brands to drive revenue and boost engaging content, rooted in real-world locations and physical context.

Private Equity


Infrastructure is among Aurec Capital’s target investments, generating a steadily growing income in the long-term. Aurec Capital holds a stake in one of Israel’s central toll roads on the six-lane express Highway 6, now in operation for several years. Highway 6 was the first of its kind project in Israel and deemed a major success both operationally as well as financially.

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The energy sector is constantly in demand; the group believes global energy consumption will experience double-digit economic growth in the medium and long term. The group is investing in Grade 5 Oil, a U.S. based company that owns oil wells in southern California.

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Stone Canyon Industries is a global industrial holding company whose family of companies comprises market leaders in mission-critical industries that improve lives around the world. Stone Canyon Industries’ current holdings include a few verticals: SCI Rai

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E-Commerce & Retail

The group has been very active in the E-commerce and Retail sectors for almost a decade, with a focus on consumer goods and the development of e-commerce platforms. Major businesses include Hong Kong-based Beauty Express, fast-growing retail and online distribution company of skincare and beauty products worldwide,

Ecstorm, a leading cross border e-commerce platform, distributing international brands in the Chinese market.

As well as Shoesonline, an online fashion and lifestyle platform, Israel’s largest online shoes retailer

Private Equity


A well-established shipping service provider, K.S.S. offers a wide range of international services with a local agency that ensures the smooth operation of coordinating port services, repairs, regulatory assistance as well as logistical and technical support. The company also provides chartering and brokering services including cargo and vessel surveying services, supervision, and quality inspection.


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