In 2014, the group established the Spinach Angels Fund,
bringing together seasoned industry veterans and entrepreneurs to co-lead investment initiatives and offer support to promising Pre-Seed Israeli tech companies. The Spinach Angels Fund focuses on SaaS technology companies and provides guidance and financial assistance to entrepreneurs of the most innovative Israeli companies in early-stage funding.


Aurec Capital seeks to diversify investment opportunities to complement its growing network strategy and build long-term partnerships driven by the most brilliant founding teams across a wide range of industries. To this end, the group invests in companies with secured proof-of-concept and in the scale-up phase of operations. This includes educational experiences as developed with The Squadron.

Sustainable energy initiatives such as EnVerid whose innovative technology improves HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality.

The group’s support for the EZbra initiative demonstrates its commitment to back long-term well-being and health-driven projects.


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