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The Khan and Meitar families founded the multi-family investment firm Aurec Group in the late 1960s. Together they established pioneering and successful companies including Golden Pages Israel’s Yellow Pages, AMDOCS, AIG Israel, Yellow Pages Romania, Golden Lines cable company, 012 internet company, Med One submarine fiber optic cable, and Maxmedia Group outdoor advertising. These investments were part of resilient partnerships with world-leading organizations and investors including AT&T, AIG, Telecom Italia and Bank Hapoalim.

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Aurec Capital takes pride in the historic, long-standing strength of Aurec Group and its founding partners that together undertook some of the wisest, ROI-driving decisions during the rise of Israel’s high-tech telecommunication industry and inspired the founding of some of the world’s most influential corporations. The close relationship between both families remains, with ongoing business collaborations and investment projects.

Aurec Capital family office has headquarters in New York and Tel Aviv, as well as global offices in Berlin, Warsaw, and Shanghai.

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We value people and diversity, principles that we uphold in the way we do business and the way we view our business investments. Throughout the years, we have woven philanthropic engagements into the fabric of our endeavors. The group supports the Academic Program advocating for higher education for thousands of disadvantaged students, as well as the Prostate Cancer Foundation for Israel.

Our Story


Over the course of four decades, Aurec Group’s international business activities instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in the succeeding generations, demonstrating how strong family values, a people-driven philosophy, resounding trust, and open-mindedness help to cultivate a winning business environment that considers all opportunities, sees no boundaries to creativity and innovates its own path. Never following trends, but creating standards of its own.

These are the seeds of Aurec Capital and our team prides itself on these core values, leveraging unstoppable strategic thinking and teamwork to expand our network, knowledge, and our circle of wealth in a constant feed of smart ideas and investments with long-term yields and potential for exponential growth in the future.


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