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Notable investments range from consumer goods to high-tech agriculture businesses. These include:
Beauty Express (“BE”), a Hong Kong-based rapidly growing retail and online distribution platform of skincare and beauty products with a vision to become a regional leader in Asia Pacific. BE developed its self-owned brands A80, Funderm, The Mineral Boutique, which are distributed worldwide, and is an exclusive APAC distributor of several cosmetic and hairstyling brands such as amika, Premier, and Gratiae Renowned for its forward-thinking approach, Aurec Capital also invested in Ecstorm, a third-party e-commerce service provider that introduced digital strategies and online store operations in China, powered by platforms such as Amazon, VIP, and Kaola. Ecstorm services more than 100 B2C companies and 1000 O2O merchants including 20 international companies and its goal is to become China’s leading provider of cross-border e-commerce services in the next few years.

Together with its Chinese partner, the group established Goldrich, a hydroponic agriculture company. Based on advanced Israeli agriculture technology the farm incorporates industrial agriculture, international food safety standards, and unparalleled quality, catering to top tier restaurants and high-end channels in China.

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Up to date, several hundred residential housing units in the suburbs of Melbourne sold successfully including the Heidelberg-One project, Lakeside, Upper Point Cook, Springvale, and The Haig. Each luxury residential project is located in strategic positions that offer an optimal quality of life with a balance between accessibility, comfort, space, and privacy. The group plans to expand its portfolio with additional projects in the pipeline.



Aurec Capital owns 260 square kilometers of agricultural land in New Zealand used both for agricultural farmland as well as for tourism development. Additional developments are in the pipeline with the group’s land plots.


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